Nachhaltige Silberwaren


We pay attention to resource-saving production in our manufactory.

Real silver is ideally suited for shaping a sustainable lifestyle so that our vision of the future can become a reality: An unspoiled environment, the preservation of biological diversity, less resource consumption and a better quality of life for people.
There are no ecological problems with silver mining, because not only are CO2 emissions emitted during the extraction of gold or silver, but harmful chemicals that affect rivers and groundwater are also frequently used.

That is why we only use one hundred percent recycled old silver from the company P.m.p Firenze S.r.l and thus avoid unnecessary mining of raw materials under environmentally harmful conditions. The preservation of an intact landscape through considerate treatment of our ecosystem is very important to us.

Of course, we guarantee our well-known uncompromising quality since the company was founded in 1895.

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