Arthur Möhrle Managing Director

Arthur Möhrle


Gudrun Möhrle Managing Director

Gudrun Möhrle

Conception management

Oliver Möhrle

Online / Digital

Franziska Möhrle Social Media

Franziska Möhrle

Social / Communication

Victoria Möhrle Print and Design

Victoria Möhrle

Brand / Design

A real family business

Since 1895, several family members have been part of our company. That hasn’t changed today. From production to trade fairs, the annual inventory or the opening up of new markets – to this day we pull together.

Today there are five of us. Arthur Möhrle as the owner manages the operative business, while the rest of the family participates in everything that goes on in our manufactory. The next generation is waiting in the wings and is already making sure that our tradition is not lost in the digital age.

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