Children’s cutlery 4-piece “Swing” 925 sterling silver

359 $

Handmade children’s cutlery 4-piece from 925 sterling silver, style “Swing” including etuit. With children’s knife, children’s fork, children’s spoon and a small children’s spoon for the very youngest. A wonderful gift for your loved one that they will enjoy for a lifetime. Each cutlery set is supplied in the presentation case shown.

Delivery Time: 7-14 work days

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Our silver cutlery made of real silver has been masterfully handcrafted for decades in our renowned partner manufactory in Italy. Use your real silver cutlery in everyday life, it is noble and decorative, in addition resistant and the more often you use it, the less it tends to tarnish. Sterling silver traditionally means that 925 parts out of 1000 are made of silver. The rest is copper to increase the hardness. The advantages of 925 sterling silver are special heat conduction (hot stays hot, cold stays cold), high antibacterial effect and durability. The cutlery is therefore also dishwasher safe. You can enjoy your silver cutlery for a lifetime and pass it on. It retains its value for decades.

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